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’78 International Harvester Scout II, Part 6 (I think, it’s been so long since the last one)

In Uncategorized on October 23, 2015 at 9:32 pm

I think it has been about 9 months since the last update.   I have in fact done some work on the truck.  I just didn’t finish anything until today.  Scratch that, I did get the reverse lights hooked up within a couple days of the last update.  I also did start to tear down the motor.  I got the accessories removed included all the stuff for the non-working air conditioning system.  At some point I might add AC back to the truck but the system that was on the truck didn’t work.  Considering I don’t own a roof for the Scout, air conditioning is probably not all that important right now.   I also got the radiator, radiator fan, pulleys, water pump housing, and the water pump pulled.   Finally I started to take the actual motor apart and discovered that the gaskets where just fine.  The vacuum leaks existed because none of the bolts where torqued down properly.   I never even thought to check that before ordering the gaskets and seals.   I probably could have just torqued everything down and been good.  At this point though I had the head covers and intake manifold removed so I decided I would clean up and paint what I removed already.  I replaced the gaskets for everything I had pulled off as well.   I took the parts and brackets in to work to use the sand blaster and get everything cleaned up nice.  I bought black and orange engine enamel to paint everything with.  As it turns out I really hate the orange and it doesn’t appear to be sticking very well on the cast parts either.

In the middle of this I got a full time job and tried to keep my part time job as well as going to school full time.  Needless to say, I ran out of time to work on the Scout and the gathering inertia was lost.  I ended up quiting the part time job fairly quickly but still spent about 65 hours a week (and almost all of my day time hours) at work and school.   Parts languished on my work bench waiting for me to get the time and energy back to continue working on the Scout.

Recently my schedule has changed enough that I have time off during the day and I started working on reassembly.  I got everything except the radiator and associated hoses reinstalled over the last few weeks. I wanted to finish everything up and start the truck last weekend but I got the flu.  Despite running a pretty good fever I still tried to get everything organized so that I would be ready to start putting everything together first thing this weekend.  Working while running a fever turns out to have been a mistake as I threw one of the new radiator hoses away and kept an old one.  A quick trip to NAPA this morning fixed that problem and I installed the radiator and hoses today.

Despite sitting for the last 9 months without head covers, intake manifold, water pump/housing, alternator, thermostat, radiator, and all the belts and hoses the Scout started up first time and sounded strong.   I do have some coolant leaks that need to be fixed but the truck is alive again.  Hopefully this time I can keep that inertia going.