Project Ruckus – Part 2 Putting it all together

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20150308_091251 20150308_091232

This is what my Ruckus looked like when I began the day.  In theory I had a working ECU to plug in and the rest of the parts and their associated bolts and screws where included in the pile of stuff the motorcycle shop had given me.  Plugging in the ECU and connecting the rest of the wiring harness was pretty easy.  As it turns out I’ve either missed one though or have a bulb that is burned out as the turn signal indicator on the dash doesn’t blink to let me know I have the blinkers on.  I will have to sort that out at some point.  The trickiest bit was just figuring out what order parts needed to be assembled.  Honda used a minimum of fasteners and so parts build on top of each other and get assembled with the just a few bolts that are common to a number of parts.  I only had about 8 bolts to and a couple of screws but they were all installed and removed 2 or 3 times each until I got it all figured out.

The front body panels started out life orange.  Apparently the previous owner didn’t like the orange that much as they had painted one of the panels black, badly.  Then they put stickers on it.  The stickers were removed but none of the residue was.


I gave it a quick sanding and hit it with some more black paint and a satin clear coat.  It probably should have been gloss to go with the rest of the paint but I was using what I already had.  At some point the bike frame will be powder coated black and the body panels and some add on stuff will be olive drab.  But for now black and orange is fine.


While the paint was drying I went to the local gas station and got some fresh gas to use.  Once I returned I reassembled the last body panel and filled up the tank.  It took a few minutes of trying to get the engine to run and about 10 minutes of running on idle before it would keep running if you gave it any throttle.  Finally it got everything cleared out and ran without issues.  It does need a new air filter as the old one is very dirty.  I am assuming it will need an oil change and a new fuel filter as well.  I will get all of those done in the next week or so.  I tried to do them today but none of the motorcycle shops near by are open on Sundays.

20150308_105702 20150308_110244

The top end with me on the it is about 37 mph right now.  It accelerates ok up to about 25-27 and then takes a little while to get up to 35ish.  If you start out with 100% throttle from a stop it bogs a bit on launch but if you use a little patience it takes off just fine.  I think a basic tune up will help with this a bit.  It will never be fast.  I do plan on doing some performance work to it but 45-50 is probably the best case top speed in my plans.  If I can reliably hit 45 then I will be happy.

One of the things that needs more immediate attention is some mods to make the Ruckus more comfortable to me.  I will try making some spacers this week to fit between the front and back halves of the frame.  This will give me another 1.5 inches of room.  Also new handle bars are a must.   I will be replacing the stock plastic floor pan with one made from metal tubing that include foot pegs in the front.  In the mean time I bought some bicycle foot pegs today and installed them in the stock frame holes in back.  You can see them in this photo.


I also want to get a kick stand.  The center mounted stand is a bit of a pain to have to use every time.  A front disc brake kit is also going to be installed sooner rather than later.  The brakes work eventually but they are anything but strong right now.  I guess that is about it for now.  I have enjoyed driving it around town today.  You have to embrace slow when you ride it, but if you can do that it is a lot of fun.


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