Death of a Salesman (by which I mean my 3d printer)

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2015 at 2:22 am

My Prusa i3 3d printer is finally dead.  I had ordered a new RAMPS card and motor controllers for it.  When I got everything assembled the motors didn’t want to move.  Occasionally they would move one step but mostly they just made noise without any movement.  My cousin and I flashed the firmware on the card and adjusted the POTS to the correct voltage (the POTS are on the motor controllers and control the voltage that goes to the individual motors.)  We tried the new RAMPS on the old Arduino Mega.  We tried the old RAMPS on a new Arduino Mega.  We tried the new RAMPS on the new Arduino Mega.  We tried both sets of motor controllers.  In the end we got a loud snap and let some of the blue smoke out.  We couldn’t see what fried but the printer wouldn’t even show the LCD display anymore.  It would light up but none of the display options would appear.  The new Arduino board still appears to be functioning so it is probably the new RAMPS board that is dead.  The old RAMPS and the old Arduino were also toast as was apparent early in our testing.  As of 3 PM on the Ides of March I called it.  The printer was dead.  I have had nothing but trouble with it for over a year now.  I’ve replaced pretty much everything except the wooden frame.  I am done throwing money at this one.  If I get a new one, it will probably be a delta style printer.  I’ve started looking but probably won’t pull the trigger for a couple of weeks at the earliest.  Depending on what comes up in the next couple of weeks I might not buy one again then either.


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