’78 International Harvester Scout 2 – Part 5 update

In electrical, international harvester, project truck, scout on January 15, 2015 at 4:03 am

I thought I would throw up a quick update to my part 5 projects.  I finished rewiring the dash gauges.  The gauge lights are now wired to gauge power rather than to the headlight switch.

Scout 24

In the photo the gauges on the outside look a little dim.  That is just an artifact of the camera lens.  They look just fine in person.

After getting the gauge lights finished I hooked up the speedometer to the speedometer cable (for this first time since I installed the speedo 2 years ago).  Luckily it works as it is probably too late to return it.  I drove .7 miles around the neighborhood.  At least the odometer thinks it was .7 miles.  I don’t know how accurate the speedometer is and I forgot to grab the GPS to compare it too.  My seat of the pants impression is that it wasn’t as far off as I had expected.  Still I doubt I went over 25 miles an hour so it is hard to tell at such low speeds.  Maybe tomorrow I will bring the GPS and take a short drive to check how far off the current set of tires have made the speedometer.  The turn signals were still working today btw.

I also put the dash together.  I had mocked everything in place once before after first getting the gauges and dash panel but this is the first time everything has been fully assembled and working.  I installed the glove box and the ash tray as well as the dash pad. I got the tubes for the window defrost vents installed as well before closing up the dash.

Scout 20 Scout 21 Scout 22 Scout 23

There is still the empty hole where the radio is supposed to go.  At the moment I don’t have any short term plans for a radio or speakers.  I think I will 3d print a filler panel with the International Harvester Logo on it.  I would like to be able to add some LED lights hooked up to the headlight switch so that the logo will glow when the headlights are on.  This will give me an in-cab indicator that my headlights are on since the dash lights will always be on.

The current list of things to-do still includes getting the reverse lights hooked up to the switch on the transmission.  I will have to locate the correct the wire first and then I need to remove the transmission tunnel cover and locate the switch.  It shouldn’t be a hard job, I just haven’t actively tried to complete it yet.  Most of the gaskets showed up today so I will probably start the motor and radiator tear down this weekend.  Once I have the radiator out I will take it to the parts store and see if I can get a replacement one off the shelf somewhere.  I got some engine enamel today (flat black and gloss orange) so that I can paint the engine components as I get everything cleaned up.  Assuming I don’t find any huge problems in the motor I will just be cleaning everything up, painting it, and replacing everything with fresh gaskets.  I haven’t opened a motor up since replacing the head gasket on a Ford Courier in high school about 22 years ago.  So I am a little bit nervous about this next big project.  This is the last thing that needs to be done before taking it in for emissions testing.  With some luck and hopefully a little bit of help I will be able to legally drive the truck next month.


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