’78 International Harvester Scout II – Part 2b gauges

In gauges, international harvester, scout 2, troubleshooting, wiring harness on January 11, 2015 at 12:50 am

Just thought I would throw up a couple photos of the gauges.  I still have to figure out why the gauge lights are VERY dim and I need to take the steering column apart to fix my turn signals.  There is either a problem with the turn signal switch or (more likely) the wire just came unattached.  I might just hook each gauge light up to the gauge power individually rather than have them all strung in series off of the headlight switch.  This would mean that the gauge lights were on whenever the ignition was on rather than only when the headlights were turned on.  It would simplify the wiring though and hopefully fix the problem.  I also need to hook up the reverse lights to the sensor on the transmission and hook up the 4 wheel drive sensor on the transfer case to the indicator light.  Those should be the final items on the list of electrical stuff that needs to be finished.

Scout 16 Scout 17


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