’78 International Harvester Scout II Project – Part 1 Getting it Home

In international harvester, scout, truck on January 10, 2015 at 3:56 am

This really shouldn’t be part 1 as I bought the truck over 2 years ago.  I haven’t written anything on it though so by default this has to be first part.  When I moved back to the States with a healthy savings account and a new business that appeared to be taking off I decided I wanted a project vehicle.  My Uncle used to have a International Scout 2 that I had previously talked to him about purchasing.  I asked him about it but he had sold the truck while I was in Australia.  I started looking for an old Ford Bronco, another Scout or a Datsun 240z.

The Scout is what I found first.  I paid just over $3000 for it.  The drive train appeared to be good.  The floor had been cut out and fresh metal was welded in.  It wasn’t the prettiest welding job but the rust was gone.  The interior had been completely stripped out.  None of the gauges or lights worked and the exterior of the body need a fair bit of work.  It had 4 different types of tire on 3 different style wheels.  I threw the seats into the truck (none of them were bolted down, the rest of the interior and spare parts where in a couple of boxes in the back as well) and tried to drive it home.  About 2 miles up the freeway the front passenger side tire blew out.

Scout 13Scout 12

Luckily the folks at America’s Tire (Simi Valley store I think) took excellent care of me.  I left the truck in their hands and headed to the east coast for a vacation.  When I came back I rented a truck and trailer and towed the Scout home (I am slow, but I do learn.)

Scout 2

  1. Seems like you did alot since I sold it to you. I had bought another one about 2 years later after i sold that one to you. And the same kind of issues. That is how scouts are from what i am reading. Let me know how things go. maybe we can help each other out. Take Care

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