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Ding Dong the Year is Dead.

In death, education, money, ramblings on December 23, 2014 at 7:24 pm

I was noticing that Facebook has started up with the “your year in pictures” thing.  It got me thinking about the year that was.  2014 was probably the worst year of my life.   I lost (in chronological order) my business, my Great Aunt Bea, my dog Lucy, and my Grandfather.  I make about $200/month less than I need for my bills and am slowly drowning in debt.  I am so poor I can’t even afford to drink (that may not be a bad thing but it depresses me none-the-less.)  I live in a town where I have no friends and no real way to meet people with like interests.  The only good is that I have started going to school and hope that I will be able to build a better future off of that schooling.  I hope that everybody else had a better year than I and that next year will be a better one for all us.