Completed Hammer

In design, mjolinar, thor's hammer, tool making on November 6, 2014 at 5:19 pm

I promised you a finished photo of my Thor’s Hammer project.  Here it is:


The head of the hammer is about 3.5 inches long.  I was given a piece of bar stock to use so those measurements are what drove the overall size of the piece.  My initial inspirations for this project where stylized pendants of the hammer.  Instead of the pommel weight they had a face looking down the shaft and the chain for a necklace would run through the head for the pendant to hang on.  Most of the other artwork for Mjolinar does not have a pommel weight on it.  They are usually just the hammer head and the handle.  I liked the sense of balance that adding the face/weight on the handle added.  I don’t have the skill to engrave the face.  I might be able to sculpt one but I don’t have the resources to cast it out of metal afterwards.  This meant that the pommel weight would be much simpler in overall design.  I decided to just mirror the head at about 1/4 scale.  The final size was determined by the end of the hammer handle.  I wanted the proportion of the weight to the width of the handle to be similar to the head and the top of the handle.  Initially I planned on a more dramatic flaring out of the the top of the handle and narrowing down of the bottom.  When it came time to actually make it, I could only make the bottom of the handle so small and still have enough structure left to assemble everything.  The flare was just too much on such a short handle so the design was simplified once again.  The handle was going to be leather wrapped.  I even cut some leather strips and started experimenting with different wrapping styles before I ran across a bit of copper scrap that had been left in my garage by a previous tenant.   I decided on the lightning bolt motif for the inlay and cut it out.  I don’t have any chisels so I used the engraving bit on my dremel.  It isn’t as nice looking as if I had used chisels but it worked well enough.  Despite having to make some allowances for reality and some design changes driven by found material I am very happy with the end result.   I’ll probably do some things a little differently if I make anymore, but those are mostly dealing with construction techniques not the final look of the hammer.



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