3D printer update

In 3D Printing, Electronics on November 6, 2014 at 2:25 am

Sorry that it has been so long between updates.  My cousin and I got the printer working again by adding a fan (and printing a fan mount) to cool the arduino board.  We never did figure out why it is overheating, but the fan keeps everything up and running.  Of course we have managed to break the hot-end a few times.  This last time I ordered a new style hot-end but got the wrong size for the filament that I was using.  So i ordered some filament for it and have been unable to get it to print since then.  Part of the problem is getting everything leveled out properly.  It’s a real pain to do and with the smaller filament it needs to be much more accurate than with the other stuff.  I will probably just buy some new nozzles that are the larger size.


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