Possible Pawn Design and Troubleshooting Update

In 3D Printing, Crafts on December 28, 2013 at 4:48 am

The bottom would be more like a planetary gear.

Also I have verified that the problem is where the platform heater plugs into the board. The screws that tighten down on the wires were discolored and the insulation on the wires themselves have bubbled. At some point it looks like something shorted between them. I cut off the bad parts of the wires and stripped off the damaged insulation. I have to leave the + wire plugged into the original + terminal so that the board can control the platform temp. I moved the – wire over to the ground of an unused set of power plugs (the ones for a second extruder) in the hope that the I could avoid whatever the problem was with the first set of connections. Unfortunately I have had no such luck. The temp can get to about 50 on it’s own and then it gives up and the temp drops again. If I try to print and heat the platform at the same time everything shuts down. I started to take everything apart so that I can get a better look at the board and see if this is something I will be able to fix on my own. More on this tomorrow probably.



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