philosophy and you (somebody)

In philosophy, ramblings on December 21, 2013 at 10:10 pm

I’ve been forced to add a new category to my blog: philosophy.  I never really expected to need it.  When I started this it was meant more as therapy for personal issues.  A private diary with the possibility of some sort of anonymous dialogue.  It then evolved into an easy way to update people on how my 3d printing experiment was going.  Recently I’ve used it to address issues straight from the pages of Facebook.  And while Facebook is fine for quick updates and Seinfeld like observations. (I mean, what is up with Seinfeld’s name being in my spell checker?) It is not as good to deal with actual dialogue.  It is more like the modern press, a series of contentious headlines with no real content or possibility of actual discussion.  So I have decided to use my blog to occasionally delve into the issues I feel need more than that contentious headline. I do understand this is more of a one-sided dialogue than Facebook is but I am hoping that being able to spell my thoughts out completely without having to directly contradict any one person will make up for that.  If you are not on the defensive automatically hopefully you will be more apt to actually read what I am trying to say.  Most of the time though, it will just be crafting fluff.  I don’t plan on making this an overly serious place where thought will be required every day. 

On a side note does saying “you” rather than “somebody” make a discussion more contentious?  Does it feel like I am accusing “you” of some misdeed or other?  Should I be using “somebody” instead? 


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