The Owl and the Pussycat (ok, just the owl.)

In 3D Printing, Crafts on December 8, 2013 at 7:33 pm

A friend asked me to print an owl to go with the collection of elephants I’ve already printed her.  I found one I like and thought it would be a good model to try printing PLA.  It would be the first larger model I had printed in PLA.  The only thing I had attempted up to that point in the PLA was a 45 record adapter for my record player (i had printed some in ABS but the shrinking and warping made them more work than they were worth).  Everything else I’ve printed had been in ABS.  (I actually printed the owl before the chess king that I posted photos of in an earlier post.  I wanted to wait till I had this one painted before posting photos.) The fact that the owl is about 3 inches cubed meant it was one of the larger prints I have done and would be a good test for the PLA.  After I had it printed I thought it would be a good model to paint.  The almost clear color of the PLA  made it very hard to see any of the detail, so I needed to at least prime it so that I would have a better idea of how the detail turned out.  At that point it needed to be painted the rest of the way.  I can’t give her a primer grey owl after all.  Anyway, here are the photos.

(I’ll post a link to the model once I figure out where I got it from.  It was one I had downloaded a while back and I don’t actually remember which site I found it on.)



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