layer height and material comparisons

In 3D Printing, Crafts on December 8, 2013 at 5:46 am

I’ve got two comparisons for you today.  The first is the difference between printing with .1 mm layers and .2 mm layers.  All other settings were identical.  These were printed in ABS.


The one on the left is obviously the .1 mm layer print.  I knew there would be a difference in quality, but I didn’t think it would be this drastic.  The next comparison is between ABS and PLA.   This one has me a bit frustrated as I have a bout 1/3 of the models for my steampunk chess set project done with ABS and I think the PLA gave me much better results.  I don’t like the neutral (semi-opaque) color of this PLA but other than that I am loving it.  My biggest problem is that it sticks to the print platform too well and I have a really hard time removing it after the print is complete.  Anyway, here is the photo:



I think the detail is a little bit better on the PLA but the big difference is that the PLA doesn’t warp or curl.  This makes the ABS really difficult when you are printing two sides that have to go together.  The warping means that the sides don’t go together very well.  The model on the left is one of the best I’ve ever printed in ABS and yet you can still see the gap where the bottom corners don’t fit together.  I think I will need to print the whole chess set out of the PLA and then just paint the two different sides.  Painting was always a strong possibility but with the set printed in black and white and wasn’t necessary.  Since I only have the one color of PLA painting will be a must.



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