Crappy Day

In 3D Printing, ramblings, therapy on December 3, 2013 at 1:04 am

So, just having a crappy day.  Move along nothing to see here.  It actually started last night.  I was paying bills and making sure rent for my business and my apartment were paid.  I’m broke.  Not really sure how I’m going to make ends meet this month or for the rest of the winter really.  My personal credit card is maxed, my business card doesn’t have much more room on it.  The hit to the European economy really hit my business hard this year.  (Sorry.  I know i used “hit” twice in very quick succession in that sentence but i can’t think of a way to reword it right now to save my life.  So we are just going to have to live with this poorly written sentence.) I own a backpackers hostel and we live and die on European tourism.  The rates had to come down so much this year that I was not able to put any money away for the winter.  The business hasn’t lost money but it isn’t making money right now either.  I pay myself a wage for working the front desk but it only covers a little more than half of my expenses.  I really depend on the business turning a profit to survive and this year we didn’t make much of one.  The other hostel in town resorted to burning their own building down a couple weeks ago (this is coming from the manager who was fired the next day.  she was questioning how a fire caused by running a cloths drier in the laundry room could have been responsible when there were no customers or employees doing laundry at that time…).  I had hoped that the bump in business I would get from them going out of business would be enough.   So far it isn’t even close.  Our winter is doing better than last years winter so far, but the summer was so much worse it won’t make enough of a difference.  I’ve been applying for other jobs in an attempt to make it through the winter.  I’ve already been told I’m not qualified for a “no experience necessary” theft prevention (watching the security cameras) job at a department store despite having spent 6 years in the army.  I have to wait until Wed to check back with Cost Co.  After submitting and application I went in today to talk to their hiring manager.  He might hire 1 or 2 more people, maybe, possibly, depending on some background checks that were still pending.  But if he does it will only be for December.  I submitted an app for an online/phone tech support company that provides support for home users.  I’m an MCP and have a security + cert and used to work for a big defense contractor providing IT support so it should be something I’m capable of doing (a little sarcasm here) but we will see.  Maybe I’m not qualified for that either.  I came in work today at the hostel and have a guest who clearly does not meet the age requirements we have for the dormitory beds complaining that despite the fact the web site she used to book her reservation clearly states the requirements she shouldn’t have to follow them because the were not restated on her confirmation email.  And despite the fact that she was given a 30% discount on the private room we moved her into she isn’t happy with that price and seems to think she is being charged twice for something else.  I’m not sure what. Her English (and my Italian) is not good enough for us to understand each other on this topic.  I don’t have enough money to eat this month and she is pissed off that we are holding her to the requirements she agreed too when she made the reservation and charging her more for a private room than a dorm bed reservation would cost.  I even offered to cancel the rest of her reservation without penalty so that she can stay elsewhere if she wants.  I’m not sure if she has already looked at other places ($100/night seems to be the going rate for a basic hotel room during the week right now) and realized that we are only charging her half the price she will pay elsewhere or if she is just one of those difficult people that feels the need to bitch about everything but won’t actually take do anything.

In other news I got both knights printed for the black side of the chess set I’m designing/printing for my sister.  When I left the house the printer was slowly working it ways thru four of the bases for the black side.  I made a stab at getting the queen optimized for the printer but ran out of time before having to come into work.  I’ll try and get it printed tonight.  That will just leave me the rooks, the bishops, and the pawns for the black side.  I’ve got most of the design for the rooks done.  I printed a couple test pieces and they need some modification.  I think I know how I’m going to fix them though.  Its just a matter of sitting down and doing it.  I’ve got the bishops designed on paper but I haven’t started actually modeling them in the computer yet.  The pawns are something else that is designed on paper.  I don’t think it will take long to get them modeled and optimized for printing.  I hope to have the black side finished by this weekend so I can start printing the white side.  The only model I have printed for the white side is the king.  The printer will be busy for a while.  I was originally going to print a chess board as well but I’m not sure I have the time it will need to churn out all of the squares and connectors needed for that.  It is my lowest priority for the set at the moment.  Unless I can get another job, I should have plenty of time for the design work needed to finish everything.  It’s just the time required to actually print everything that is getting a little tight.  Oh well, here’s to better days,


p.s.  I went to preview this post and explorer said “pop up blocked” and the page went back to the dashboard.  My post was gone!  I was even more frustrated and depressed than I had been.  Luckily I figured out to recover a draft.  Maybe my luck is changing…


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