Veteran’s Day

In politics, ramblings, social commentary on November 11, 2013 at 7:04 pm

Wars are a political move made by the government.  In our case that government is there by the will of the people.  Those who hold political office are placed there by your votes.  The soldiers that fight those wars do so not because they want to kill people, but because they have faith that the government you selected has the best interests of this country at heart.  It is fine to protest a war. In fact if you disagree with a war it is your duty to protest.  But don’t ever confuse the politician who chose the war with the soldier who is fighting it.  The soldier is there for you.  His life is on the line and he is far from his home and family.  He makes these sacrifices willingly because you have sent him there.  Veterans deserve our respect and our thanks.


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