Back up and 3D printing

In 3D Printing, Crafts on November 10, 2013 at 9:45 pm

So…  I ordered a spool of PLA after giving up on figuring out why the ABS wouldn’t print with the new hotend.  It finally showed up and I tried to get it fed into the hotend.  It just wouldn’t feed all the way through to the nozzle.  I took everything apart and it looked like there was some ABS still jammed in there.  I ended up cooking the hotend in the oven to try and get it all out.  When I did get it out I realized there was a liner in the main feed tube that was sized incorrectly.  It was supposed to be a hotend for 3mm and instead it was apparently for 1.75mm.  I checked my order form and for once this one isn’t my fault.  They just sent the wrong thing.  But I was impatient so after trying and failing to remove the liner I used the drill and cleaned the tube out that way.  I tried again with the PLA.  It fed fine but wouldn’t adhere to my print bed.  My belief is because I don’t have a fan that can blow on the PLA as it leaves the nozzle.  ABS needs a fan that blows on the hotend, PLA needs one that blows on the freshly extruded PLA.  I gave up for the night but I had hopes that maybe I could get the ABS to work.

Next morning after watching the Raiders lose a game they could have won, I was back at it.  I got the PLA pulled out of the hotend and fed the ABS back in.  And… SUCCESS!  Something is actually printing.  I will have to find a fan mount and nozzle for PLA but first I’ll print a couple things for fun.  🙂  I’ll add some photos after this print job is finished.

lucky elephant


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