Ender’s Game vs Starship Troopers

In ramblings, reviews on November 9, 2013 at 12:45 am

I just saw Ender’s Game.  It was well done.  Harrison Ford was excellent in it as were the rest of the actors.  I think the film stayed true to the book despite having to leave stuff out to fit into one movie.  Boiled down to it’s basics the premise does seem a little sillier than in the book.  The thing that struck me were the similarities with Starship Troopers.  I think most people would agree that Ender’s Game is a more sophisticated book. The basic plots are very similar though.  Alien bugs attack humanity and we are forced to defend ourselves.  In both books it turns out that humanity is the aggressor. In Ender’s the aliens attempt to colonize our planet first whereas in Starship Troopers we start things by trying to colonize their world.  In both movies the military and the government are not telling the general populace the whole story.  The big difference is that, in Ender’s Game the reader (and now the watcher) are beat over the head with the fact that humanity is the bad guy and in Starship Troopers you are expected to read between the lines and figure this out for yourself.  The movie made it a more obvious than the book did for Troopers.  What I find interesting is the book that is more complicated (and sophisticatedly written) gives it’s readers less credit for being able to figure things out than Starship Troopers did.  Ultimately it seems to me that Starship Troopers was written for a smarter audience. Troopers at least gave it’s readers credit for being smart enough to figure things out without everything being spelled out in huge blinking neon letters.


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