In reviews on July 2, 2011 at 12:58 pm

I came home today and decided I was just going to stay in this evening and watch a couple movies.  I started with Lincoln Lawyer.  It was really good.  It doesn’t do anything spectacular and doesn’t break any new ground but it was solid.  The script was good and the acting was excellent.  I started to watch Shopgirl after that.  I only got 35 or 40 minutes into it before turning it off.  I expected a light romantic comedy and that is essentially what it is i guess.  But it was done in such a way that it was just a series of awkward moments.  My life has enough of that as it is,  I didn’t need to spend my evening watching somebody else go through it.  So even though I like Steve Martin and Claire Danes, I just turned it off.


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