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In ramblings on July 2, 2011 at 11:52 am

I realized today that despite all of the social networking stuff  I really don’t have anyplace to write what I think.  Everything is tied to your name with all of your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc watching and commenting.  It’s fine if you want post meaningless fluff, but not so good if you want to talk about anything else really.  It’s a bit like bar conversation rules: no religion or politics.  Friends (especially friends) don’t always appreciate a dissenting opinion and god forbid you want to post a comment that could be perceived as negative about one of them.  You have the choice of keeping it in or creating much more drama that it is usually worth.  I considered keeping a diary for this sort of thing but I wanted the possibility of dialogue.   Dissenting opinions aren’t worth much if nobody can disagree with them.  I decided to start a blog instead.  I’ve kept my real name off of it (although I’m sure it probably isn’t too hard to find out who I am if you really must know) and I’m not going to tell all of my friends follow it.  I’m not going to tell them about it at all.  So this will be my quasi-anonymous blog.  It can be my opinions, rants, feelings, reviews, or whatever else but without the spotlight on who I am specifically.  I can stand in the darkness and tell you what I’m thinking.  It is certainly not the most courageous thing I could have done, but I think it will work more like therapy, or possibly, confession.  I have a bad habit of telling people what I’m thinking when asked (and sometimes even when I’m not asked)  so maybe being able to to post those thoughts here will allow me to resist the temptation in person.  Doubtful, I know.  But it can’t hurt.  Probably.



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